17.may – Exercise and Mindset


Short update for today,

Exercises are doing great, both physically, mentally and the experience follows! From getting an idea to follow up on it and accomplishing it takes almost no effort for now! The benefits of a strict diet, disciplining the mind and body, with exercises both balance, yoga, strength and the cognitive “brain exercises” is bringing its fruits.

I experience a more calm approach to everyday tasks. The awareness of the focus, attention, the surroundings starts finally to blend in again. Into the Natural Mind which recognizes itself in everything and everywhere. Such beauty and peace, which never really left the awareness, but merely where misunderstood!?

One feeling still remains and comes back, which is fear! When fear comes, I reassure myself that this feeling is not a part of me, its merely a thought of either a future or a past which has no boundary in reality right now. Its has not been enough for me just to mentally grasp the idea, that there is nothing to fear. So now when fear comes about, its recognized and discerned! Let go of thought and fully be present and experience what ever may be given!

Which brings me to the next phase of the exercises:

I choose my goals and feelings I’d like to achieve.

I am the way and the truth in life.

What ever I see with the body’s eyes are not for me to judge if it is right or wrong, it is what it is. I remain as the awareness of my being. Letting the intuition guide me, not my past.

Here is the mindmap for today of exercises and diet. In it you will find, yoga sequences, explanations of exercises for Core, stamina and what diet has been applied.  Pictures to show the poses / asanas

Body Diary : Body Diary – 17.may


A question for you reading this;

What would be the ultimate goal in life?

What would be the highest achievement for a human being?

Do you have faith in your Self, that you are the mighty being in direct communication with “The Creator”, The Force – The Universe?





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