The day is: TODAY! and we are here to “JUST DO IT!

Good mornings, evening!

“Today is the day, we do it. –  What is it we do? –  Exactly what our heart and soul brings to us of inspiring action, being, relaxing, exercising. Delicious foods, welcoming life to see that nothing in truth has any price!”

So with this, I here share this morning yoga exercises: Poses that talks to me now

Suggestions for the asanas in this map:

  1. Feel free to do the sequences, semi-sequences for more than 1 round.
  2. Fully express yourself in the poses and maintain the pose for 3 – 6 breaths and more.
  3. The sequence will calm the mind, release tension in chest, hips and stomach area.
  4. Remind to warm up ligaments before, such as: ankle, knees, hips, spine, shoulders, neck and rib-case with breathing exercises.

The whole sequence with warm up, took me about 1 hour and 45min. Once and a while, real expansion happens when you give your Self full time to experience, feel, move into each pose, remaining as the awareness.

Advice for my self today: “Do not hold the poses, feel the poses, Do not strain the poses, trust that also this feeling can be in you!”

 For the Reader:

  • Share in the comment, what is your heart telling you today?
  • Do you believe in a life without problems and pure possibility?
  • Sharing is caring, what have you shared today?

Live life, share love, give space – bring your brothers out of the mind’s little maze!


I am


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