FAILURE nr. 1 :D vegan diet turned tonight into vegetarian


as stated before this week or 5 days of it is dedicated to do vegan diet. Seriously this takes some what more preparation and consideration than anticipated. As we are walking the talk, today I learned that, honey is made from bees which in fact is a non-vegan product. Actually its bee spit mixed with nectar: So for breakfast this was put in to the body, and then here at evening, Great delicious  kidney beans, with the tomato chili sauce, add some vegetables and we’re set to eat. A yeah wrappings in the tortilla pancake makes it all a handy meal. But WAIT! the chili is strong so sure some CREME FRAICHÉ will give a support towards a more blended, softer consistency and “FREE MY MIND” its made of cow milk. Again 2nd failure in the vegan diet.

These mistakes will be corrected from now on.

We all make mistakes in life, the importance is how we handle them. Giving up is not an option as in fact we live forever. It is not even your choice if you wanna correct them, but merely at what point in life you’re ready to make a stand and claim your right of joyful, peaceful being!

Free Your Mind!

Here goes the mind map for today: Body Diary 15.may

It includes, diet timings, exercises for body and cognitive brain functioning. In between some notes, thoughts are added.

Be honest to your self, love your mistakes, be a happy student of the spirit, he will gladly guide you to be free.




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