TODAY! 15:00 GMT+1 Give your self the ability to experience, see life as what you truly are!


This blogpost is an urgent update and opportunity for you to experience and get guide towards: “What am I?” Its very simple thing, but the knowledge will help you in all areas and aspects of life.

Remain as the Awareness as Mooji describes it, and your correct position to Body,Mind is restored. In fact you have always had this position, but Mind can delude itself into beliefs of what it is. Identity gives only burdens, tasks and work. Live free as the being you are and let go of all the psychological illusions you have put of in front of yourself. You are simply here, experiencing the body mind, and have free will to do, to give and to look. Without limits and struggles one with all. There is no out there, it is all here! 😀


I am – Free!




Live life in peace and abundance.  Here below is the link for the live satsang coming up: 15.00 GMT+1—Satsang-with-Mooji—13th-May-2012.html?soid=1102751453991&aid=xXIxGP2rpE4.

Picture of Mooji!



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