Body Diary – The consequences of eating lots of sugars, chocolate and Ice cream.

Hi and welcome to a late night post.


Sitting here tonight, just finished the first day of the vegan-diet 5 days week plan. The body feels tense, forced into focus. This cause has its roots in the diet for the last 3 days. While on my birthday we had ice-cream, sugars, chocolate and snickers. This day was quickly followed up with continuing eating and finishing off these types of foods. See the diet plan here:

Body Diary – 13.may

Here is the start-up of Week Diary Diet Vegan.

Week_Diary_Diet_5_days_vegan (2)

To be honest, the feelings have overwhelmed me, from the increase of sugars and cravings. Its been quite a journey and especially anger has come into the being as a negative aspect, non supportive in movement and instead projected towards my surroundings. This has also been a great learning of how to find the space within to see that there is no reason to be angry, it merely is a sensation of claustrophobic being. As like there is no room for you to be in, so movement has to happen. All thanks to the choice of diet, extreme mind draining poker play for 8 hours straight, minimum and relaxing exercises. Though the restorative yoga exercises where great beneficial and also a new awareness of being  without effort is strengthen due to the complication of the diet.

For now its bed-time and a good rest. Starting up exercises, diet and having the fun of going out of the comfort-zone of the “imagined” self.


Be conscious of your actions, see the responsibility and its powers! Remind yourself of your true powers. You choose your own feelings and goals in life!


Question of the week: Where does happiness come from?


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