Body Diary – number ??

Hello and good evening,

Yes, today has been felt as a looooong day. Lots of experience, talking for good 5 hours straight. The talks are about anything of experience which has been identified with or have had strong impact towards the daily life. The space is create with the following rules: Its open, and no one can be wrong here. Things is simply as they are. Advice is giving if asked for.

This is a great way for the being to fully allow itself to open up and share what hides, lies within.

And for the workout, are up again and doing the full Yoga Asanas in my B.K.S. Iyengar inspired yoga session.


Its is coming up for now, that a strict diet plan is necessary and will be modified through the last days. A suggestion will come up in the week-end I will love to see your comments and suggestion here with it.

For now here is the diary map. 11. may. Body Diary – Yoga adding: each exercise where done for 40s intervals.


Good night! may you rest in peace –

ps. meditation before sleep or on work for a full refreshment of the being. MOOJI!



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