Update: Diary of body development, exercises and recovery from 110km walk

Miallo! You there, here – maybe everywhere 😉

It has been some quiet days since May 6. Being awake, working out / walking for 30 hours straight, has had its effect and consequences. Mostly eating, sleeping, sitting and resting has been enjoyed.

Today: 09. May some exercises were practiced, check it out in the diary maps here:

May 7.Body Diary 7. May

May 8.Body Diary 8. May

May 9. Body Diary 9. May

The body is feeling steady, balanced and more calm. Senses has sharpen up, more subtleties and awareness of attention. Great to go for a “ride” to shake once foundation to experience what remains when both mind and body has given up!

For now, the attention is to achieve the goals for the exercises, go through the diet to check up on vitamin intake, protein, carbohydrates, fat and see amount of Kcal. The next body measurement will come up 14. Th May. And then every 2. week.

Would you like to see pictures also? Cause pictures have been taken showing upper body, legs on some, back, arms, face.

Thats all for now folks. Ask , comment, give me your challenge, advice.

Remember here we are honest, and no need to be nice, what works is always alright!

Rest in Peace!



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