Walking the talk, even when its by your Self.

Hi everyone,

Walking the talk, can come up to be a tougher quest then anticipated! This lesson has been on for the last weeks for me. I set up goals to achieve and “work” for them. One goal is to walk from aalborg – grenen: http://map.krak.dk/m/9fsBJ. The timeframe where set to 24 hours.

So here is a brief walk-through on the experience of; Physique, Mind and Faith. 

The whole trip was initiated by a Facebook event, inviting people with for the walk. All declined, but the day before 1 friend said: “Lets do it!” So we started out the following day, 5.may.2012 from his place. With us where a bag of, mixed vegetables, quinoa and feta, 12 energy bars, fruits, rice meal; chicken, carrots, veggies and halal meat. On top of this some nuts and chocolate is a must ;). A CamelBak with 3L water. Also packed where extra socks, extra shoes and a hot sweater.

Religion and Practical application

In the morning some yoga exercise was done, to energize and relax mind and muscles for the walk. Ate some energy bars and water, then we sat out for the walk. The deal was to walk around 5km/h and with about 5 – 10min rest for each hour walking. First topic coming up was religion and God, and sharing some stories for what the devil brings and wants. Then how talking to God works and what for. Result: God listens and gives advice when asked for, nothing else. And loves you no matter what, his kingdom is in peace and happiness, which is shared with you at all times. Devil is the thought of wanting things differently then what is, and not having any ability to do something towards this.

On the walk I noticed that sometimes we say things, ask for answers, but without any sincere attention towards what answers are actually given. What is for sure though, is when we ask a question the answer will be given! So lesson learned, be careful what you ask for, not because it can be bad, but because you actually do care and will listen!

The body of Brian, gave, after 10km a soreness in the hip extenders. Extreme tension which became my “companion” at all times afterwards. The mind helping when it was too much saying: “Just let it go”, “Let the energy flow”. This helped and the walk went on. I noticed how my focus was clearly on; how the body is positioned, how is it walking, how to focus the energy towards each step and having a clear mind, stillness. While my friend was talking about a lot of thoughts, experiences and sharing things which where either in the future, past or just imagination. This I sliced through, but sometimes the curiosity also gave its contribution to him ;).

The weather was, sunny, windy – side / back wind. Some clouds and a temperature about 10, but with the wind it felt colder. We managed to have breaks roughly each hour, though when we ate bigger meals the break was about 15 minutes.  I drank a lot of water, ate each hour, a fruit, energy bar, nuts or chocolate. My friend ate a lot less and more strictly at the bigger meal times. Drinking less water.

Corrective position to the Mind

We missed the route at one point, passing the street, but decided to keep moving forward and find our own road back to the map.  After about 40km my friend stopped and wouldn’t go any further. I decided to stay with him until he got picked up and heading home. 30 – 45min passed totally from initiated to stop, till stop and he got picked up. Funny how the saying came about: “I can’t walk any more” – while he was walking! Kept walking and suddenly 2 km later then sat down and said:” Stop.” Notice here how the mind triggers it, while the actuality is different and then it manifests. Conclusion to this, use the mind to manifest actions, to experience what is here now and let the psychological “attacks” go. Simple discernment.

Going on just me, I and God – The Self

Well after he got picked up, the walk had been for 9 hours and the setup was to finish it by my self with God ;). The paste changed a little, more steady and mind kept one thought, be still and focus on one step at a time. One step. Looking up once and a while, yeah its beautiful, checking clock for break, no just one step. I got to a crossroad where the intuition guided me to pick a road and therefrom I just trusted this and thanked for its advice. Though after 5km sudden burst from the mind, saying;” Where are you? You do not know where you are!” Same voice;” I am right here, I am free.” Decided to listen to the latter one, which worked out better and gave a feeling of certainty and freedom to it.

Night time came about and tension started building up, photos of that in the gallery of how the face starts to contract! Started to do some yoga postures, sun salutes in the breaks to release tension. This worked great, while mind also stated the idea to walk in a manner to let all energy flow consistently. Many walking attitudes was tried out and switched through them, just for entertainment and fun of the walk. At night a sudden notice that everything is so still now, but how come I do not experience this? Why is it, that everything seems to be pushed and unaware. Suddenly an new inner voice worked through to say: “Stay present, be aware. Listen and be still.” Wauw! – Who would have imagined that stillness can be enjoyed in such a magnitude. Even though the body screams of pain, your feet,hips and legs barely holding the body up, even so – true peace and happiness can flow freely with a knowing of what I am.

Experience of Gratitude and Love

The food on the trip was magnificent, great taste, wonderful and remind yourself to give time and enjoy while eating is definitely something to remember! We only have now, so enjoy.

The early morning came about, and entering a little town, parties and music where heard. People standing, getting shocked by me passing by. One guy I noticed, he ran with a full frame of beers, asking:” Where are you heading?”, answering:“Skagen”. Feedback from him: “Fuck that’s a long trip, would you like a beer?”,” No – thank you, I am good! “. Then a sudden insight came, people are truly loving and caring. I could feel inside the love he offered, its not about the beer or the material but his intention! This gave me a burst of energy and moving on. The time showed 3 Am, 5 hours until the planned trip would end, the deadline. 25km left to Skagen, plus 7km to Grenen. Fast calculations that this is gonna take longer time than the 24hours deadline.

The Purpose

Bringing up the next question on the trip: “What is the purpose of the trip?” To finish within the time frame, to accomplish or just the experience of it. The conclusion where set: “Accomplish the goals set, just do your best, and it does not matter what time it takes, I am an eternal being all experiences count.”

The sun coming up a couple of hours later, beautiful and strong. I had a rest stop with breakfast, morning sun salutes and a morning shit. Continuing the walk and at 24h of walking I laid the body down and rested for a good 10 – 15minutes. Enough time to have one biker stopping by asking if I am okay. “Yes! I am okay, thank you!” Got up continued and finished the trip in 27hours. At the end point the body felt like a shallow vessel, walking on tiny sticks, tension immersed and the logical brain kicked in. – “How to get home in the most effortless way possible?” So asked to be driven 3km back from the sand and waters. Walked the rest of 5 km, erhm, limped the rest of 5km back, seeing the train just about to leave and managed not to go with it.

The talk at the train-station

While being and waiting for 2 hours at the train-station, a talk came about between a stranger and I. We discussed the current situation with politics, economics and what to put faith in. He mentioned his observation of politicians: “While they promise so many things in actuality none of it is carried out. They talk, battle each other like a chess game, and have eventually gone to the levels of just gaining the votes by doing what the majority of the public wants.” Here I mentioned the idea, inspired by the chess game:” Why not take the stand behind the chess board, being the one who creates the rules on how it should move. And create the game so you can win! Then keep in mind that only together we can make it fun, as in standing on a mountain and looking down on everyone brings a very short term joy, then to realize suddenly you’ll need to come down again. I see God very simply, he states what works, gives and shares everything, knowing it is good. Judgement is shown by it Self, or of God.”

We came to the conclusion that politics is of the past, its a bunch of talk and then expecting others to carry out the dirty work. Instead take matters in your own hands, share the rules you live by and let honesty and Faith guide you along the way.

Train went to Frederikshavn, switched, then one train going to Hjørring. Here life gave me another 1 hour waiting to really acknowledge what trip this had been. You could say, internalizing the experience. Talking to some friends during the waiting, catching up on the friend, how he is feeling and sharing some of all this.

The trip ended here at Rubjerg, with my girlfriend coming on the bus which drove me home, and giving a supportive shoulder for the rest of 65m walk home. The trip from Skagen – Rubjerg took 6 hours total for 68km with public transportation on a Sunday! No Comment 😉

Awake time: 38 hours.

The End.

Here is a mindmap of the food, timings of walk and eating, equipment for the trip: 5 -6. may body diary

Feel free to contact for any information, questions for and about the trip! I’ll love to answer, discuss and contemplate what is on your heart or mind 😉

Pictures from the trip, in chronological order, arranged to give a picture of the landscapes, body expressions and facial expressions during the trip.

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