Body Diary and experiences – May 3. Eating meat and the experiencing afterwards.


So may the 3. was the day where meat was offered at a friends place, and a one bite where accepted to taste. Also 1 sausage went down. The experience are explained in the “Body Diary” Body Diary May 3. For now the stomach feels still a little tense, the breath is rather retained and presence seems to come and go, through the imaginations / thoughts into awareness of now and surroundings. Lets see how the lumosity exercises go, and the yoga routines. Then breakfast.

Oh yeah by the way, some thoughts upon the choice to “be” a vegetarian. For me I am up for what works towards the goals I choose. As long as the diet works towards peaceful, effortless and joyful being I am up for it. For my personal experience meat is not giving anything towards this, quite the opposite is experienced. Anyhow I am okay with eating the meat yesterday and take full responsibility for the experiences and consequences afterwards. This is where my power lies and my foundation for strength is build upon.

Be response-able, see how your actions actually affect your environment.

With love




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