Body Development Diary – May 4.

Yo whats up everyone!

Hope you’re doing everything awesomely and with consciously deliberate and loving actions.

Quick map of the day with exercises and diet.Body Diary May 4

Leaving home tonight, half an hour to be exact. For a 110km 24 hours walk going from “Aalborg – Grenen” Look for these names in the country DK on earth.

The walk is initiated around 5.may and there will come a blog-post, photos, experiences about it. Food has been prepared, energy bars made, new recipes developed and we are ready!

Walk with certainty and grace, which in tomorrows expedition we’ll see if 5 km / h is that paste. Eat light, stay cool and do it awesomely

Peace everyone, and remember: “I rule my mind, which I alone must Rule” Then give it to God, he knows what is good for ya. God by the way is love, happiness and Grace all in one 😉 He is in everything and will’s nothing less for you than total awesomeness!




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