7 days since fasting

Hi everyone,

Here we are at the seventh day after fasting. The ride has been bumpy, anxious and rather emotionally detoured after the fast. I experienced lack of discipline with eating, bloated stomach from greek yogurt, over eating on day 4 – 5 – 6, especially in late night time staying up late. This resulted in lack of sleep and un-effecient workouts and work in general.

This has taught me a great lesson of the greatness in being peaceful, at ease with the things you do, and that pleasuring the senses of the body, not necessarily achieves the goal of peace and happiness. Its a rather quick fix while it goes on, but afterwards its just a pain in the ass. As a student of life, this is not desirable anymore. Instead a strict vegan diet is coming up, combined with exercises and meditation! Lets do it!

All for now and good night from here. Follow the next couple of blogs, as they will be filled with delicious, nutritious, exiting and sprouting of healthy; Recipes, Workouts, Photos, Inspirational videos and the transformation of a skinned body into a sensual, masculine work of art. 

Goal is to become superior in normal scene, and back to being normal in the spiritual warrior scene. Blessings and Faithfully your guide towards Peace


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