Day 5 after fasting

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing awesomely, feeling the pace and immense joy from the being which and what you are!

Here, I would love to share with you, an truly touching video with Mooji, “Fall Into the Arms You Can Not See”.

Here is the link:

This contemplation which is stated and discussed in a monologue with Mooji, is the core of my studies in “A Course in Miracles”. It is to once and for all recognize the Self of what I Am. Sincerely from the heart of mine, this is what I am compelled to discuss, experience and share. Everyday is about going inside, sensing the eternal, the presence. Observe and let the flow of life carry it Self out.

So far I am experiencing more and more subtle levels of consciousness consciously. The deeper I go, a sudden fear comes up, arises of loosing the goals “I” have put in front of my self. Personal goals, personal obligations. I reflect and see a mistrust in the ways of God, the Divine and how it works. Still the urge in my heart is felt so deeply that this door which I have knocked upon many times before, needs to be opened! Let go! Stick by my insights in daily life, no more side tours, side branches. The time is now, I want the peace of God, I want to know what I am.

What do you see your self as?

Is it even possible to describe your Self?

How does your goals change once you know what you are?

Let your intuition guide you, not the eyes of the body.


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