Day 3 after fasting

Hi everyone,

So this morning I woke up with a bloated stomach and a clearly taste of stomach acid in the mouth. To be honest, which benefits most I suppose, here are some non-recommendations of what to eat after breaking the fast.

  1. Homemade popcorn with oil on pan and pop – this turned into bloated stomach and vomit, acid taste in the mouth.
  2. Surely we all know the taste is good, but eat just enough till you do not sense the “yummy this food, its like I have never had it before!!” Which brings me to the Greek Yogurt with Honey dessert lasts night. Ooh wauwie and mix in some nuts, a little musli and you got yourself a delicious snack. Keep it to a maximum of 250ml.
  3. Rule of thumb, if you feel like you can’t work out 1 hour after eating, its probably too much. And the fun part on a vegetarian diet, super-foods is: “If you eat more than you need you’re just gonna poop more, or feel drained out by the hard work of your digestive system.

Stick to the diet plan after break a fast, stick to your intuition which comes from using your senses not your thoughts and keep a low intake of food for starters.

All for now have a beautiful day y’all!


P.S. In the case you already done you little over-eat experiment, feel free to have a cup of tea with fennel seeds, licorice to help ease down the symptoms. Though I recommend to feel the symptoms fully for no future mistakes 🙂



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