Breaking the fasting period. day 1

Hi there,

quick update at 23:14pm GMT+2 time, simply I wanna share the experience of today breaking the fast an eating some foods again.

Seriously food tastes DELICIOUS! omg, how and why would I ever have stopped eating. Anyhow, the stomach was filled up with fruits in the morning, salads, cucumber and seeds in the midday, nuts during in between and someĀ chocolate. Experience is clear cut ouch! Energy levels dropped, went just for a walk otherwise been sleeping, can be caused also by only 4 and half hour sleep of course from last night. Then I still experience some dizziness and more the thought that exercise again is gonna come up. Muscles building and yoga is the main theme there, and 2 times a week aerobic exercises. I ended the day with having some Greek Yogurt with honey and added nuts. Yummy! Not sure though its the best way of ending your fast, so try out for your self what you feel for! At least I got somewhat tempted to eat a little more than what the body asked for, still its all a practice and by the way I am doing the best I can. Which in fact cannot be any less. Which states the learning today:

Eating is natural now, jaws chew slowly and steadily, giving my self full time to experience the taste and quality of the food prepared.

Taking things slowly now, doing it right and consciously rather than fast and waste fully is beneficial both for later and for your surroundings. The last part here goes for everything you do, have you attention upon now, what you are doing, being, experiencing and feel how the universe LIFE simply support you in all this.

Thats all for now folks.
Rest in peace!


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