Day 7 / Juice Fasting

Hi everyone!

So here we are at the final day for the juice fasting. It is quite some days without some stomach action and also dizziness, lack of energy, sudden bursts of energy, the feel of lightness and then a more aware mind of concerning thoughts and those which states how things are now. Discernment of scarcity and peoples reactions towards your ideas and goals are a fun workout by the way in the fast.

How the body is right now well:

  • weight: 67.7kg
  • height: 1.88cm
  • fat percentage: immeasurable on a weight scale which measures resistance in the body
  • pulse: 45beats / min
  • systolic heart pressure: 109
  • diastolic heart pressure: 78
Everything is fine condition and we are ready to put on some lean muscles on the body. This diet and follow up with exercises will be what this blog continues into. Yoga is still a part of the main routines of the week. Have not done any workout today, only relaxing, drinking juices, played computer and listened to music. There was an idea of going out exercising, but somehow this did not feel right.
The juices and the routines through these 7 days are put into a mind-map which you can download here (Spring clean out To-Do List)
Pictures coming up of the body. In my opinion its very lean, thin and would love to have some fat and more muscles put on. For a fact, its strong, healthy, light and endurable. Mind is clear and senses strong!
Any questions with fasting,

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