6th day – Juice Fasting

Morning everyone,

We start out the day by getting the comment by girlfriend: “I have not seen those bones on your back before, around the hips”. Thought came, oh well its a fast for 2 more days, and actually its not how the body looks but how it feels that are important to me.

And it feels tense and strained today, grrr, yesterday I barely managed to get out of the couch to go for making a delicious smoothie and went for a walk/run for 3 km. Skipping both the yoga routines and slicing the 10km walk into 3km fast pasted hike with the dog. The smoothie gave me some what a less supple feeling between the body and surroundings, like between the feet and the floor. Possibly the missing / lack of yoga might have an effect of the total energy flow in the body. Anyways it has encouraged me to sincerely do the yoga practice today! Which is great :D. Now it seems as the yoga actually makes a difference, which energizes the idea. 

Just wanted to share this with you. Still doing good and fresh, 1 day off the schedule well, its the hole point by life is it not? You live you learn. Better find a way to do it without concern. 

As consciousness and the awareness of it, is it not just ideas and experiences we share in each others companies. Is it not the mind and it thoughts which manifest, and the choice of thoughts which determines the awareness experience? I know not, but love to look inwards and see what is there! What am I, cause something is there that never changes, never moves.



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