4. day – Juice Fasting

Hi everyone,

So here is an update on how this 4th day of the juice fasting turned out.

Waking up in the morning feeling somewhat blurred and dizzy. Decided to stay for an hour longer to refresh the body. Went through the lesson in “A Course in Miracles” and meditate on this for about 15 min. Yeah! The lady has taken the dog out and therefore the bedroom was filled with silence.

WATER! is the first that came to mind going in to the living room. Bringing it and then start fixing the rest of updates on the computer, all trivial stuff and it lasted for good 3 hours.

Finally after computer is up and running again, the “10km hike” went out. Made some tea for the trip and a bottle of water. Legs feeling good and light, walking paste is just below 5km per hour so its quite comfortable. The trip went around the town Loekken, shopping here for the dog, a bone, and the lady, “the worlds best feta cheese”. From Loekken and back the trip went totally off road, over dunes, fields, farming land and then back to the main road. The sun stood high and the air was fresh, cooling and somewhat strong.

Thoughts went on with catching the bus on the way back, though cut through the thought and went all the way home. 17km total and trip lasted for good 4 hours and 30 minutes with pause totally lasting 1 hour, including laying and reading “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and shopping, plus tea break.

Coming home, an orange juice got prepared and sipped pretty fast, though keeping 1 / 2 slurps at a time in between breaths. Then went on the computer to work on installing programs. Decided to do extra workout, a full body program here is the link: Full body workout, body weight, aerobic. During the exercise, some dizziness was experienced but at the same time a strong feeling of grounding, feet standing relaxed on floor and balance strong and firm. Warming up with jumping rope 5 min,  20 Repetitions in all the exercises, finishing off with yoga, Ultimate Freedom routine. A total of 2 hours workout, good sweat!

The body feels firm, strong, supple and the spine straight. A sudden experience in the root of the spine, tailbone of relaxation when doing deep breaths. A voice of “No Fear, I am Safe” comes up. Now its the parsley, cucumber and lemon juice, finishing it off with a dandelion tea with licorice!

Have a good night Y’all and rest in peace, now!



Ps. Question for today: “If I am the experience, attention towards it, who is the being in which it all occurs?” Can this being be seen, experienced?


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