Day 3 – Spring clean out


IS THIS DAY NEVER ENDING? oh well, today emotions and feelings starts to sprout! Positively the body feels light, natural and you have to play mad angry to be it. Its flowing with sensations, the air is more fresh, the juices are extremely tasteful, you start to appreciate touch, to give smiles to others, being present is life! The beautiful thing about is, you don’t need anything to do it! You are life, just recognize it and see 🙂

The exercises done today, is 2 hours of yoga. Yes I filmed it, yes the computer crashed so nothing was saved, yes it made me re-install the whole operating system. Doing that also gave me lots of new features, ways of handling the online network and the computer runs smoothly now! For the 10km hike, I went out with the dog, 1.5km and a spontaneous walk which only lasted for 4.5km half way off road. So that one is 4km short. It was bugging me with the walk and feeling somewhat drained of energy, but managed to come out and it was great fun!

For intake, 1 orange diluted in the morning, white thorn tea, green tea, and evening parsley, spinach and lemon mixed/blended and diluted.

I experience some tightness in the stomach region and recommend therefore belly breathing and and chest opening breaths! Just pump that belly full of air the sensation is body warmth and vitalizing!

Now its up for the 15 – 20 minutes quietness in presence and being. Then bed!

A question for you, reading this:

So who is it that experience all these things in life, who perceives everything? And can the one perceiving be perceived?


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