Day 3 – Spring Clean Out

Good mornings,

Here follows an early post from yesterday, the clock states 07:17am and bad breath and hunger has struck. I have been awake for about an hour now, thoughts of what if I am not gonna make it?, what if I am doing it wrong? And experiencing more emotions and feelings arising from small things. Example, the lady has cleaned the floors and vacuum them, as shiny as the were! Now Faith went for her trip in the garden and bringing back paws full of dirt. Even so I cleaned them before she steps in the living room it spills a good amount on the floor. Yes broom and take it away. This was some slight disturbance to the peace, but then again I realize yes the thoughts are there, but still I’m doing it!

Getting ready for yoga its gonna be my own session today “Full yoga exercise“. For the body I sense soreness in upper back, stiffness in the lower legs. Lets see how the body are after workout, I am considering to do some extra aerobic exercises today for having a good sweat, helping the body release toxins.

Argh! Got tempted to play the games first – so here we go, but before I’ll post the poses on this page here:

Have any of you done a 7 days juice fasting? Do you see the yoga or walks beneficial for the clean out?

Do you want me to elaborate on certain areas of your interest in this experience?

Looking forward to hear you comments and experiences. Feel free to add content.



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