Day 2 – Spring Clean Out

Hi and welcome,

Morning fresh, 6am. Sun shine, dog poop, and meditation for 22 minutes with the lesson. God is with me, I move and rest in him.

Water for breakfast, a good ultimate freedom yoga practice: Experience here a somewhat light headed and balance difficulties with the head stand, everything else went super and the poses are held firm, still and coming in and out with grace.

I decided to have diluted apple juice afterwards to clean out intestines, so went on and zipped to 2 apples diluted mixed with some water for 6 hours. I experience the Mind and body much more subtle and calm. Quietness is here and freedom is experienced! Thoughts still come and go, body still have tension here and there but no suffering and complaints, simply enjoying what is given me in any moment.

Went out for the 10km hike and here is the route: Beautiful walk, paste was about 5km/h feeling light and good. Breathing a little tense though, not fully stomach breaths all way, still practicing those. When arriving the dunes, I met an artist, painter and saw a circle of light in the ocean with enormous dunes around. Climbing dunes is fun and moving places without guidance really gives spontaneous and clears the mind asap. The way back I sense some soreness in the feet, but actually it seems as just a thought cause there is nothing to see or feel now.

Yes coming home after this 2 hours and 50minutes trip, 1 hour and 10 min each way and a break with tea at the dunes. I did the core yoga, sun salutes and having my delicious diluted juice: Parsley, ½ Lemon, 1/3 Cucumber and water. Just blend it and dilute through   a sieve.

Now the body asks for rest so thank you for today – Peace


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