1 day to go before: 7 – 11 days fasting.

Hi everyone,

Started this day out with walking “Faith” the dog in our Garden. Beautiful sunrise, morning frost on the lawn / sea of grass and a cold air. Going back in feeling refreshed and clear, putting, the day before prepared 10 hours raised dough, in the oven. Waking up Linda asking her if she wanna join the Yoga. A “yes” came about and we did our Yoga, while having Faith running about correcting our moves and doing her best to distract us aka learning us to stay focused and calm, and correcting her at the same time. Its fun practice 😉

Lesson learned today: Teaching with love and a quiet mind works wonders, it truly is the most powerful force in the universe.

For the exercises coming up next week, I love to hear some suggestions and contributions towards my goals:


  • 1. cleaning out intestines
  • 2. sensing more subtle levels of consciousness
  • 3. cleaning out liver and kidneys


  • walking 10km a day
  • ultimate freedom yoga for 1 hour a day
  • core yoga 30min a day


  • clean out computer
  • clean out papers in closets
  • organize papers and maps, both in closets and on the harddrive


  • doing 1 lesson everyday in “A Course in Miracles” from lesson 221 and forth
  • sit quietly for 15 min in the morning, 30 min in the day and 15 – 30 min before bed
  • 1 course a day in http://www.lumosity.com 
  • 1 movie with mooji – satsang


  • Parsley blended with cucumber and lemon, filtered.
  • Water, tap-water 
  • Tea, dandelion, ginger, “Love” and “Pure” – last ones are from a brand called Yogi Tea. 

That’s all for now that is on the “list” for spring clean out.

Have a wonderful day, anything you would like to hear from the fasting, experiences, thoughts, why? Feel free to ask!

With love and respect




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