Cleaning out, inside, outside

Hey everyone,

The following days is about the term, cleaning out. First some words of what it means to me:

Cleaning out is a term of getting rid of the stuff you do not use, benefit from or is unnecessary to carry around with. For example, old papers, old pictures, old bills, clothing and tools which is simply out-dated and done its job.

Clean out the computer of files which is unnecessary, even a total re-install of the operating system can be an option. Organize the papers you do need, the clothing you still got around, finish off old agreements with your self and go over your goals and achievements. Decisions to make, keep it or throw it , there are no middle way. Its finished living in old thoughts and the stinky smell they bring with them.

For the body a clean out means no meat, no sugar, no eating. To accelerate the process, fasting for 7 days with juices in the evening, herb tea and water is set up. Same time practice of complete breaths, yoga, stretching and light anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

“Seriously the body farts and smells of old thoughts which benefits no more, it is like the spirits method of giving you a hint, consequence to get present and see what is.”

Happy spring cleaning for all!

Any suggestions or things I missed out upon feel free to add!


Ps. an interesting video with my chosen Master: Mooji – “Your Story”. He brings about some elaboration upon terms as; Past, Future and then what he states as Natural Mind, Spontaneous Being. An the Awareness of it all.

Here you go:


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