LETS DO IT – Exercise and goal-setting!


So today we started out with a good sequence of the “Ultimate Freedom” by B.K.S. Iyengar. Its a yoga sequence which increases your awareness of the body, the feelings and emotions within. For an old body-builder body which I am walking around with, its very beneficial to loosen up the hips, stomach and chest area. A lot of energy blockages has been stored here, probably for all the insecurities from the young hood. Comparing “yourself / body” with the images in the T.V. – Internet and commercials. Now I have chosen a vegetarian diet, a full body workout with the intention and goals here:

  • Increased flexibility in the body:1. Sit in Lotus Pose, 2. Full split 3. Scorpion Pose “Just to mention a few, to get the idea”
  • Increased awareness of feelings and emotions:1. Peace 2. Anger, 3. Love, 4. Happiness / Joy “To let your self feel and flow through full expression of feelings and emotions is freedom. One rule though! Anger has no justification and therefore when anger emerges I know its about having misunderstood the situation, my belief is: There is never a situation which is not right, what happens happens and therefore why would you be angry for it, if you though resist. I am a holy being, I do no wrongs nor rights, but I am responsible for my actions and non-actions and will without any doubt get the consequences by it!
  • 50 reps in the 300-program in max. 15minutes – more on this later in the blog, there will come mind-maps for the entire exercise routines, diets and so on.
  • 50 reps in the Linda-program
  • 110km walk in 24-hours
  • Mastering the Mind / overcoming the world. Simply put, suffering comes from the mind, yes pain can be felt in the body this is merely a sensation, but suffering occurs when you dwell in the past or in the future for something you hold on to. Non-acceptance of how you are right now will in my case lead to suffering. What more is, its merely a thought, why hold on to it? So practice of letting go of past and future wanting, bringing in now what is fresh and clear! “Thoughts coming”: Well you just put down goals you would like to achieve and is that not a wanting? No actually it is simply a creation I’d like to share and work towards accomplishing if I reach it or not makes no difference to what I am.
  • Plank for 10 minutes
  • 20 pull ups body weight
  • 1 Turkish get-up with Linda “Girlfriend” as a kettle-bell
  • 10 Turkish get-up with 24kg Kettle-bell
  • Running 3km in about 10min

Here are a list of some of the goals which I would like to achieve from the exercises. They are focused on functional strength. Clean and ripped body. Healthy mind and strong will of the soul. The journey towards it will be expressed through this blog. Oh yeah now the fun part, in how long time will this be accomplished?:

Well I don’t know. And honestly I do not want to push the body forward to do stuff faster because of wanting it or that it is supposed to go faster. But again its fun also to bring about a challenge, so this next week I’ll go through the above mentioned goals and see how well they can be performed now and then the “expected” time can be put on, right now my intuitive guess would be 1 year. With a little Hard swallow 😛

Well now you have the ground foundation for this blog, some goals and what direction it moves towards. While keeping in mind, living organically, vegetarian diet “maybe going vegan”, having healthy body, fun and happiness with it and a peaceful nature.  LETS DO IT! – Brian

Here is a starting photoImage from now, and one coming up at least every second week – to watch progress.


2 thoughts on “LETS DO IT – Exercise and goal-setting!

    1. I have been holding on for so long, on all the goals I’d like to do and accomplish in my life. Finally I decided to come out of the box, no longer having them in mind all by myself. Scared to share them and fail, instead I choose to give it a shot and share it with whom ever came by. At least on wordpress, you have a free choice to read it or not 😉 Also it was a big step for me to finally put it into writing and down on paper. Actually that way gave me a form of de-attachment to the actions which helped to do it. Paradox in deed. So I simply had an urge to finally step up and say hey, here I am, this is somethings I value in my life. With a slight curiosity to see if anyone wants to join on some of these goals. So what truly moved me… Identifying my fear, I’d say love / passion, moved me to express my direction in life. Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you like it.

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